About W.H.T.A.

The World Health Technology Association (WHTA) is a non-profit organization established in Geneva, Switzerland and with regional offices in Puerto Rico. The WHTA is an independent association which is designed to be neutral politically, not associated to any government interest, and it is non-denominational. The scope of this international organization is to help and make accessible to all people in the world a better health care services and products by means of the implementation and integration of new technologies serving the general public interest.

WHTA aims to brings the most cost effective online health care collaborative technology application software as a service, which is called formally: ”software as a service” (SaaS), using the internet on any available device either any kind of smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Why WHTA is a non-profit organization instead of a profit one? Since the beginning (1992) when this idea was born, the concept and intention of all persons involved was to participate to find and bring an accessible and open solution to help other people in a generous, disinterested and non-profitable manner. Since that time, many people have dedicated a huge amount of time and resources to this initiative, which generate an engagement and commitment with all participants that share the same principles with the purpose to maintain the same vision and philanthropic goal separated from any potential economic or monetary interest that other people or groups (pertaining to profit organizations) may have to alter or deviate from the original application’s intentions and objectives.

The headquarters are located in Geneva, because WHTA (as an international non-profit organization) is designed to provide healthcare software applications services to people in many countries and cultures world-wide.  Geneva possess the economic stability, infrastructure and political characteristics suitable for the establishment of international non-profit companies which are intended to provide SaaS services and make business with most of the countries.

We Believe in Challenging the Status Quo

Our mission is to bring the best platform to integrate healthcare services and health products in one collaborative application, such as:

1. Patient’s electronic records: global patient health record (GPHR)
2. Medical insurances: private and public health insurance services
3. Healthcare providers: online physician, surgeons, nurses, etc.
4. Healthcare products, manufacturers, pharmacies, e-prescriptions, etc.
5. Healthcare images and analytical laboratories services,
6. Healthcare government agencies authorizations and monitoring.